Jonathan Treble, our CEO, had the chance to sit down and catch up with Brad Kirshenbaum, Director of Innovation at CA Ventures and get his thoughts on the current trends, perspectives, and future outlooks for multifamily. We covered a lot of ground, including:

Brad is always full of new perspectives and we always walk away with new ideas. We hope you listen in and enjoy the conversation.

TAA 2021 is around the corner and we are so excited for an in-person reunion with the Multifamily community!

The restaurant scene in San Antonio has labored through the COVID crisis and is now stronger than ever. With a myriad of quality selections, choosing where to go for lunch and dinner with your team while attending a conference can overwhelming. So, how about a little help from PrintWithMe?

We’ve put together a list of mouthwatering restaurants within walking distance from the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center for you to pick and choose from. Let’s dive right in!

For Breakfast / Lunch

CommonWealth Coffee House and Bakery

Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee and Bakery

$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Enjoy artisanal French pastries made by a third-generation baker from France together with freshly brewed, locally roasted coffee.

La Villita Cafe

Mexican, Coffee, & Sandwiches

$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Located in the historic arts village of La Villita and just steps away from the river walk, La Villita Cafe is a friendly, family-owned cafe that serves all-day breakfast, locally sourced coffee, and a rotating selection of craft beer on tap.

Rosarios Mexican Cafe y Cantina


$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Rosario's uncompromising attention to its food quality and customer service has earned the restaurant a reputation as one of the coolest and hippest destinations in the city. Over the years, Rosario's has received national and local recognition for its contemporary take on Tex-Mex cuisine.

Schilos Delicatessen

German Deli

$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Schilos Delicatessen serves breakfast all day and a comprehensive lunch menu. Known for their friendly staff, vintage atmosphere, as well as their staple deli selection including Reubens, split pea soup, and homemade rootbeer.

Toro Kitchen + Bar

Tapas Bar, Cocktails and Beer

$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Serving traditional Spanish flavors to our menu lineup while infusing it with creativity from chef's specials, Toro Kitchen and Bar is a lively casual, yet sophisticated mature atmosphere with live music and flamenco.

La Panader Bakery and Cafe

Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee and Bakery

$$ • 4.5 Stars on Yelp

Brothers José and David Cáceres opened bakery-cafe La Panadería in 2014 to share their Mexican heritage and love for baking with the people of their adopted hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

For Dinner

Yard House

New American, Bar, Vegetarian

$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Yard House, the modern American gathering place where beer and food lovers unite, is an upscale, casual eatery known for great food, classic rock music, an energetic vibe, and an endless fleet of tap handles featuring the best American craft and import beers.

La Frite Belgian Bistro

Belgian, French

$$ • 4.5 Stars on Yelp

As the city's only Belgian bistro, the restaurant serves up masterfully prepared, traditional Belgian and French fare. situated in a warm and charming European setting. La Frite is also a family-owned business.

Maverick Texas Brasserie

American Comfort Food

$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Maverick Texas Brasserie is both an everyday neighborhood hangout and a food-lover’s destination for special occasions. Where regulars will want to linger all day eating from small or large plates as they make memories over the open fire.

The Esquire Tavern

American Burgers, Lounges, Bar

$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

When it comes to choosing the best Riverwalk bars to spend your time, the atmosphere certainly matters. The Esquire boasts the longest wooden bar top in Texas - over 100 feet of beer-soaked wood rubbed smooth by the elbows of a zillion tipplers.

Zinc Bistro and Wine Bar

Wine Bar, American Burgers

$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

Zinc serves wines from all corners of the globe with an emphasis on champagne and domestic varietals, many offered by the glass. Zinc features bistro fare with a distinctively Southwestern flair.

Nonna Osteria


$$ • 4 Stars on Yelp

SILO Restaurants and Food Network Star runner-up and Executive Chef Luca Della Casa announce the opening of NONNA Osteria, offering artisan Northern Italian cuisine, honoring the regional traditions and heritage of Chef Della Casa’s homeland.

Printing the second most requested amenity for multifamily apartment residents.

CHICAGO, December 16, 2020 (Newswire.com) - With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing millions of Americans to work from home, apartment renters are increasingly in need of printing services, and they're willing to pay for the convenience of having those capabilities in their communities, according to a recent survey of over 500 apartment renters. PrintWithMe, the leading self-service wireless printer tech, offers this amenity to apartment renters in 49 states.

The November 2020 survey conducted by Satisfacts, titled Working From Apartments: What Residents Say They Need, sought to gain a better understanding of renters' remote working and distance learning requirements and preferences. When asked which apartment amenities would best accommodate their current needs, 50% of respondents listed printing services - second only to faster internet options (54.5%). On an overall value scale, respondents rated faster internet service and printer/copier/scanner services almost equally.

"It is always important for apartment operators to stay up to date on resident sentiment, but especially when we see such a dramatic shift in resident needs and priorities, as we have during the pandemic," said Lia Nichole Smith, Vice President of Education and Performance at ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts. "Residents' needs aren't the same as they were 10 months ago, especially for those who are now working or schooling from home. It's vital for operators to reach out to learn what those current needs are, and reassess what they're doing to accommodate residents."

PrintWithMe Founder and CEO Jonathan Treble said renters are leaning heavily on their apartment communities to make working and schooling from home feasible.

"We're seeing a transition in renter preferences, away from design and space and toward function and convenience," Treble said. "Apartment residents who now find themselves working or studying from home still require the equipment and capabilities that were previously provided at their workplace or educational institution. It's not surprising to see internet strength and printing capabilities top their list of necessities because those are the technologies that employees and students utilize on a regular basis."

In fact. 51.8% of survey respondents said that their printing needs have increased or held steady in 2020, despite moving to at-home settings for work or school. The survey showed that 57.4% of residents print more than 10 pages each month, and another 47.1% said they would use a community printer often or daily, if it was available, compared to only 12% who said they would use a co-working space on a daily basis.

"The survey certainly reflects what we're seeing at the property level," said LuAnne Acton Ross, Partner and Executive Vice President for JMG Realty. "Residents feel better about working from the comfort and safety of their own homes, rather than in a shared amenity space. But they still have a need for a reliable printer, scanner, and copier. We have seen a dramatic increase in our printer usage since the start of the pandemic, and with more of our residents planning to continue working from home post-pandemic, we expect that the trend is here to stay."

Property management companies are quickly realizing that a paperless business model isn't feasible for either their teams or their residents. Fortunately for operators who are thinking long-term, renters are also agreeable to paying for the amenities that allow them to work or conduct coursework from home.

Faster internet service (49%) was the top amenity that survey respondents were willing to pay for. Coming in second, at 40.8%, was wireless self-service printing, copying, and scanning. Conversely, only 13.9% of respondents indicated that they would pay for more co-working spaces.

To view the full survey results, click here.

Interior design company Havenly shares their top 5 insider design tips with PrintWithMe for refreshing your home office for the holidays.

For years, the holiday season is when many of us enjoy decorating our homes, patios, and if you’re a Property Manager, your apartment residents' common areas. While many of us are confined within our home offices in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to stretch our creative muscles and reimagine how our holiday purchases can contribute to a more joyful, inspiring, and productive work-from-home environment.

Not sure where to start? PrintWithMe had gathered five easy-to-implement decorating tips from our friends at Havenly, an online interior design company that provides customers highly personalized and affordable interior design consultation:

1. Invest in wall arts

Thomas Lloyd, a designer at Havenly, shared with us that in addition to making an office space functional, it is also important to make your space inspiring. Enter wall arts.

It’s not only about time we refresh our Zoom background. Investing in an inspiring art piece to go onto the walls of your home office can help elevate your mood and create mental boundaries in your space. For an extra holiday touch, consider office artwork that brings the outdoors in and celebrates the season.

Online retailers like Society6 and Fine Art America are great places to start with your search for home office artwork. For a more personalized and unique space, you can even commission artists whose artistic style resonates with yours to create a customized piece for your home. You can find artists either locally or on Etsy.

Here’s one of our favorite home office pieces from Society6:

2. Take advantage of holiday sales

One of the challenges for transitioning from an onsite workplace environment to a work-from-home space is that many individuals do not have designated office areas in their homes, and perhaps do not have the necessary office furniture and tools needed to perform daily tasks in privacy. Often the lines between home life and work life are blurred in work-from-home spaces, and it can be tough to spend so many hours in one place.

“You can have a lot of pieces that look super stylish but when it comes to actually working there, it has to be an environment that you actually want to sit down and spend six to eight hours a day in,” said Lloyd.

Here’s the good news! The holiday season is packed with deals and discounts you can take advantage of such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and don’t forget Small Business Saturday – the day after Black Friday to support local independent businesses – if you’re planning on investing in quality home office furniture pieces.

Learn more about how to maximize your investment by purchasing multi-functional furniture suited for a work-from-home environment in this blog by Havenly.

3. Clear the clutter

Don’t wait until Spring for a spring cleaning. The holiday is a great time to clear out the clutter in your home, especially your work-from-home office.

“The lack of physical barrier about working from home makes setting a routine difficult but crucial to a healthy and functional workspace,” said Lloyd. He suggested investing in clutter solutions and desk accessories to help organize your space while adding flair to the design as well.

“For example, if you’re working with a lot of papers, invest in a great looking paperweight,” said Lloyd.

Check out these cute and affordable accessories for your desk!

4. Add holiday cheer to your surface areas

If you are spending most of your time at the desk, why not inject some holiday spirit with fun and delightful knick-knacks and candles? Seeing cheerful holiday decor can help to increase your happiness at work, while also creating a space that more closely resembles seasonal, pre-COVID onsite holiday decorations.

As Lloyd suggested, you can either spruce up your entire workspace with holiday decorations or you can target smaller areas like your work desk by adding colors, textures, and scent to make it feel cozy and welcoming.

The most straightforward way is to light up candles of your favorite scents. From pumpkin spice to sandalwood, there are so many artisanal candle companies that offer scents that could remind you of your hometown, ones that boost your productivity or to support a good cause.

5. Engage your friends and family in your decoration and design journey

Whether you are a pro interior designer, or if you’re completely new to design, it’s always nice to have input from others on decor decisions – especially when it comes to big purchases like couches, desks, or bookcases.

“Some of our customers turn to us [Havenly] simply to validate their design direction and their purchases,” said Lloyd.

To help you optimize your design decisions, consider turning the decoration of your home office into a social-distancing activity that you can do with your family, roommates, or friends – either in person or virtually.

Start by creating a collaborative Pinterest board. Also, explore these apps with augmented reality capability to help you recreate the in-person shopping experience while connecting with your friends and family over Zoom!

We hope these home office design tips help to bring some more cheer to your holiday season! We know that staying productive and inspired is extremely important during these uncertain times, and we hope your home office refresh journey is a fun and relaxing one.

Companies like PrintWithMe and Havenly are dedicated to providing convenient solutions, from printing to interior design, to busy professionals like yourself to help you save time and money.

Learn more about PrintWithMe here or get in touch today!

Here are our top 5 ideas to (pumpkin) spice up your resident events this coming fall and keep your communities close while practicing social distancing.

Fall is arguably the most beautiful and fun season of the year, with festivities like Thanksgiving and Halloween or the simple pleasure of watching the changing colors of the leaves. Multifamily apartment communities are often very excited about the fall season, curating fall-themed resident events aimed to bring the community together to celebrate the season of gratitude.

However, thanks to COVID-19, 2020 has a very different plan for fall resident events. While in-person events and parties are off the table, there are plenty of virtual event ideas that property managers can explore to help keep residents engaged and delighted from their very own homes. Virtual resident events provide the perfect opportunity to keep your community connected during these uncertain times.

Here are our top 5 virtual apartment resident events for the Fall 2020 season!

1. Organize a Remote Pumpkin Decorating Event

Pumpkin decorating is the staple of the fall season. Although hosting an in-person pumpkin carving contest seems impossible as of now, companies like Garden Streets have just the perfect solution to help make this classic fall activity virtual and memorable.

Garden Streets is a nature-inspired company that hosts hands-on, family-friendly virtual events that will allow your residents and your team to bond over a unique experience. Not only do they supply all the materials needed, but the best part of all, everyone gets to “bring home” a fall centerpiece as a reminder of the wonderful experience.

Courtesy of Garden Streets

2. Throw a Virtual Seasonal Food or Wine Tasting Party

Connecting with our neighbors while enjoying a glass of wine and snacking on cheese smorgasbord on a Friday happy hour event might feel like history. Luckily, catering companies are aware of the global virtual shift during COVID-19 and are fully capable of catering to your virtual food and drink events as well.

For your next virtual event, have a curated seasonal snack box delivered straight to your residents’ doorsteps or pre-order different wines from your local favorites and coordinate pick-up times with your residents. Then set up a virtual food or wine tasting party for all your residents to log in and enjoy great food and drinks together.

Courtesy of Snackmagic

3. Host a Halloween or Fall-Themed Decor Contest

With everyone being stuck at home, refreshing apartments and homes with seasonal decorations become key to getting into the celebratory groove.

Host a simple and effortless Halloween or fall-themed contest and encourage your residents to decorate their apartments with their spookiest ideas. Residents can draw inspiration from Pinterest or blog posts like this by Havenly and then share it on social media. The photo with the most “likes” wins!

4. Organize a Virtual Fall Recipe Swap

After months of quarantining indoors, many of your apartment residents may have run out of ideas on what to cook at home. So, why not bring a twist to the old-school, fall-themed recipe swap and inspire each other to try out new recipes?

Download the printable fall recipe cards from our Activity Center and host a virtual “show and tell” with your residents by having them show off delicious apple pies, share their family recipes, or simply grab a spiked apple cider and join the chat!

5. Host a Remote Lip-Syncing Battle

Imagine a virtual karaoke party, but swap actual singing for lip-synching, and add lots of wacky costumes. Sounds fun? We thought so too! Check out Hidden Door for easy setup of a remote lip-syncing virtual event for residents. Hidden Door lets you decide on the song or they can give you some options to choose from.

Residents are encouraged to be as creative as they wish to be in their video clips for their temporary stardom. Hidden Door will then compile and edit all the clips you submitted to create a final product like the one shown below. It will certainly get everyone talking about it for the rest of 2020.

Courtesy of Hidden Door (Vimeo)

In these challenging times, property managers are juggling different balls, from budgeting to engaging with residents, when many are still working remotely.

Our team at PrintWithMe admires the dedication property managers have towards curating an enjoyable living experience for their communities so, we want to help make your job easier. Whether it is generating useful content on our Activity Center or taking resident printing off your table, we are here to help.

Leave a comment below if you have tried any of the suggestions listed above or if you have more ideas we should add to the list!

PrintWithMe Partners: Here are our top 5 recommendations to help your property increase its PrintWithMe printer amenity usage amongst residents.

Does your apartment property have a PrintWithMe printer amenity, but you wish you could promote the amenity better to your residents?

As more residents began working from work since COVID-19, the need for a convenient and secure printer amenity to support the new transition became increasingly crucial. It's more important than ever to help educate your residents about tools that can help them work remotely. This includes co-working spaces, conference rooms, phone booths, etc. -- and especially their PrintWithMe printer.

Here are our top 5 simple and high-impact efforts we recommend all partners take to raise awareness about PrintWithMe to your residents:

1. Send an email reminder to your residents letting them know about their PrintWithMe amenity.


2. Share photos or videos informing residents about their PrintWithMe printer on social media.

3. List PrintWithMe on your resident mobile app and on your website.

4. Display your PrintWithMe User Guide near your printer.

5. Place PrintWithMe flyers and signage in any elevator banks or community pinboards.

Lastly, don't forget to visit our PrintWithMe Partner Resource Center for our full list of tools and resources that can help your property get the most out of our amenity.

We hope each of these tasks helps you and your residents to use PrintWithMe. And don’t forget, our Customer Care team is here for you and your residents seven days a week to help with any of the tasks.

Feel free to contact support@printwithme.com if you or your residents have any questions about printing.

Happy printing!

During COVID-19, many of us are working from our home offices. Here are our top tips to reinvent your new office to better work for you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed office culture globally. While many professions still require frontline workers to be onsite, including most healthcare, factory, grocery, and restaurant workers, many other industries have already shifted completely to remote working. These industries even include companies that were traditionally “office-centric” and are now seeing the benefits of a remote workforce.

Employers are not the only ones experiencing and embracing the shift either. According to a Gallup poll, half of Americans who now work remotely said they want to continue doing so even after restrictions on business.

However, as companies allow employees to work remotely (and many have even announced their permanent transition into a remote-first workplace), it is time to invest some thought into reinventing our makeshift home offices.

While home offices of the past might have been a luxury, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have a workplace that helps you to work your best.

Here are a few tips and ideas we put together to help you rethink your workspace at home:

1. Carve out an area of your home dedicated to work.

If you live in a metropolitan area, you are most likely to be living or cohabitating in a small apartment or a room. While it might feel impossible to fit a desk into an already-cramped space, there are some creative ways to include a new surface area dedicated to work.

For example, this moveable, window-mounted standing desk by Deskview takes up zero floor space and lets you take advantage of the incredible window view, especially if you live in a high-rise building.

The balance has also put together a list of various types of desks you can consider depending on your living space in this article.

Photo courtesy of Deskview.

2. Keep important items within your reach

If you don’t yet have a designated work area or desk, chances are that your office supplies are also scattered throughout your apartment and you can never find them when you need them. Having things organized within your reach also helps free up headspace so that you can focus on being productive.

To help save you some time, here’s a checklist of Home Office Essentials we put together so that you no longer have to put your meeting on hold as you scramble around to find a piece of paper for notetaking.

You can download the PDF version of this checklist on the PrintWithMe Activity Center which contains many other free printable resources that could help you stay focused and get creative as well.

3. Go green with your home office.

We seldom consider the environmental footprint we can create when it comes to designing conventional office spaces. Now, we get to be more intentional about curating a workspace at home that is both pleasant and environmentally-conscious.

A few simple ways to make your space greener include:

4. Make your background camera-ready for all your Zoom meetings.

Today, remote workers are no stranger to video conferencing and Zoom meetings. Most of us did not have a video conferencing background in mind when we move into our current space but the times have changed.

If you’re still taking your meetings with wet towels or a kitchen in your background, here’s a pro tip–buy a portable green screen or simply find a white background and then apply one of these Zoom backgrounds from Unsplash.

Lighting and a quality webcam are key to getting crisp video–a simple selfie ring light like this one and an affordable webcam will definitely help you stand out from the (virtual) crowd in your next webinar.

5. Make sure to prioritize work-life balance and separation.

It is much harder to create separation from work when we are basically living and working from the same environment. However, it is crucial that we create boundaries that minimize distractions when you need to stay focused and encourage us to step away from work when it comes time to relax and play.

While not everyone has the luxury of dedicating a separate room for work, there are many innovative divider ideas to help create those mental boundaries which are equally impactful.

From adding a rug to create separation to repurposing a closet, designing a functional working nook only takes creativity. Check out this article by Apartment Therapy on how to fit your workspace into a small living room.

The remote work culture is only here to stay. We hope that this article can help you make the best out of the new normal and enjoy the flexibility and many other perks that come with it.

Comment below and let us know if you have any tips on how to make your space work!

Property Managers, here is PrintWithMe’s list of the top four resident amenities services to prioritize when reopening during COVID-19.

We know that reopening apartment amenities after the state-by-state COVID-19 lockdowns will not be as easy as a flip of a switch. Apartments across the country are already making temporary, as well as permanent, new changes to their resident amenity services to protect everyone’s safety and health.

Prior to COVID-19, shared amenity spaces were designed to encourage in-person interaction; they were the key to fostering a neighborly community among the residents and the on-site staff. Unfortunately, we are now challenged to rethink the utilization of these common areas in order to support social distancing and to function as essential amenities crucial to renter’s new routines and lifestyles.

Here are our top four amenity services we recommend Property Managers prioritize during this careful reopening phase:

1. For Managing Occupancy Limits: Use Amenity Boss

Photo Courtesy of AmenityBoss.

We want to have trust in our residents that they will be social-distancing themselves responsibly when amenity spaces reopen. However, property managers need to stay one step ahead of any possible mishap and help facilitate the measures needed to ensure the safety of their residents and on-site teams.

One obvious solution is to manage occupancy limits. Smart software like Amenity Boss allows property managers to customize occupancy and time limits for each amenity. Residents can reserve and check into the amenity using a contactless amenity pass system.

This can avoid overcrowding of amenity spaces and guarantee fair opportunities for residents to use their amenities.

2. For Developing a Sanitization Protocol: Use Spruce

Photo Courtesy of Spruce.

Protecting residents’ and employees’ safety is paramount in combating the pandemic. The regular cleaning routine is no longer sufficient when the stakes are now much higher. Property managers need to develop a set of sanitization protocol that includes frequent cleaning rotation and pays special attention to high-touch areas.

To help relieve the on-site team from the burden, Spruce has recently launched a full line of service that include sanitization and disinfection of amenity spaces. Residents can also schedule a decontamination cleaning service for their own apartments using the Spruce app.

They also ensure that their employees are properly equipped with appropriate PPE while providing complete health checks for their employees prior to arriving for service.

3. For Communicating Your New Guidelines: Use Canva

Photo Courtesy of Fast Company.

Communication is key to making sure that you and your residents are on the same page especially when you reopen the amenity spaces. It is crucial that you relay the updates and guidelines clearly to your residents using every communication channel available such as updating your residents via email and placing appropriate signages throughout the community.

Using design software like Canva makes creating graphics for your messages easy and consistent. Whether it be signage outlining the hours of operation or a social media graphic that announces the reopening stages you recently implemented, Canva has a template for all your graphic needs.

They can even print and ship flyers or posters directly to you after you’re done creating the design.

4. For Residents Working From Home: Use PrintWithMe

Photo Courtesy of PrintWithMe.

The pandemic has forced the majority of the workforce to transition into working from home and this new norm is likely to stick around pass COVID-19.

Residents who are new to the remote working environment are tasked with great challenges such as limited space in their apartments; the lack of convenient printing options shouldn’t be one. Without access to their regular office printer, PrintWithMe has seen a recent uptick in printer usage since the shelter-in-place was put in order.

PrintWithMe’s printing process is entirely digital and contactless. Residents print via email using their own personal devices from the comfort of their own homes without having to log into a public computer or physically interacting with the printer.

Interested in getting PrintWithMe for your apartment community? Get in touch with our team today for more information.

This sums up our top four innovative amenity services for you to consider as you discuss your reopening strategies with your team.

Do you know other services you think would benefit our readers? Comment below!

Keep your residents informed throughout the COVID-19 crisis by leveraging these free social media tools from PrintWithMe.

As in-person communication becomes impossible, it feels as if the internet and social media were built for times like this. Social media allows us to connect virtually and, most importantly, communicate essential information to our audience and community.

Many property management companies have limited physical contact between property staff and residents by reducing office hours or by opting to completely transition their on-site teams to remote work. However, it is still possible to create a sense of community and to keep residents updated through the effective use of social media.

PrintWithMe has put together a series of free downloadable graphics that you can post on your properties' social media accounts.

Right-click to save images or download all images here.

Scroll down to see PrintWithMe's top tips for communicating effectively on social media during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Let residents know that you are there for them

Your residents will greatly appreciate knowing that they can reach out to you if they need help during this extraordinary time. Remind them that you're still available to help.

2. Remind residents to take necessary precautions

It's helpful to remind your residents about the best practices they can take to minimize the spread of the disease, for their benefit and for the benefit of the whole community.

3. Keep your residents and prospects updated before new policies are put in place

Residents will want to know how to reach out if they have questions about rent payments or maintenance requests, while prospects will want to know what type of self-guided or virtual tours are available if they are interested in an apartment. Give them the answers before they ask.

We hope these tips and free tools are valuable to your team as you work to address concerns related to COVID-19. We also want to thank you for all the hard work that you are doing to keep your residents safe during this time of crisis. #MultifamilyStrong

If you'd like us to help create additional materials you could use to communicate with your residents, please email marketing@printwithme.com. We are always here for you just like you're there for your residents.

With Millennials making up 56% of the rental market and Gen Z bringing in an estimated 44.4 million renters of their own, it’s time for multi-family to re-evaluate their engagement tactics when connecting with these prospects.

It’s undeniable that the Millennials and Gen Zs are big players in the rental market. These renters are digitally-powered, sociable individuals with high expectations for convenience and authenticity. Although both groups have distinct characteristics about them, they also share quite a few similarities. When considering how to get these individuals on board with your property, there are a few things to note from both groups.

Here are the top things to keep in mind when marketing to the new faces of renters:

1. Show, don’t tell

Both Millennials and Gen Zs desire authenticity when it comes to businesses. It’s important to not be too salesy -- let your professional photos speak for themselves, and make sure the photos and descriptions are to-the-point and not overly embellished. Shorter attention spans mean you have to catch their attention quickly and leave a great first impression. According to recent reports, Gen Zers in particular note YouTube as their favorite website, so consider video tours when listing your properties.

2. Corporate social responsibility

Both groups believe that businesses should focus on more than just their bottom line. They want positive reasons to be loyal to a business, whether it’s sustainable practices, eco-friendliness, etc. That means you should show great initiatives that your business is a part of! For example, offering environmentally friendly recycling on-site, community printing, or energy-saving smart home tech will appeal to the 76% concerned about sustainability.

3. Lifestyle branding

Both Millennials and Gen Zs are sociable groups that desire community. Providing co-working spaces and rooftop decks designed for socializing will definitely be a hit with these renters. When marketing your property, highlight access to local nightlife, restaurants, nature, etc. Since these groups are active and pay attention to fitness as well, be sure to highlight proximity to parks, hiking trails, and bike routes, or access to an amazing gym, too.

4. Technology

The most important factor for these digital natives is technology. Top-speed internet and wifi are a must, with feature-rich and immersive apps for greater connectivity. Highlight the convenience that your high-tech amenities add, whether it's easy accessibility on demand with your property using chatbots, or reaching out with social media DMs. Ensuring a strong social media presence with cross-channel marketing across popular platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will help attract prospects from the Millennial and Gen Z demographics overall.

It’s important to offer amenities that matter to Millennials and Gen Zs. Since it takes valuable time and money to attract prospects, it’s crucial that you use your resources wisely, going above and beyond to engage and keep these renters in your property.

Valuable tech amenities don't also have to be expensive or extraordinary. Even amenities like #printers can delight younger generations that are often still in college or require printing for work, taxes, applications, return receipts, and more. Learn more about PrintWithMe's convenient wireless printer station as a low-cost amenity that will be truly appreciated by this demographic, as well as your property staff.