Milieu apartments in Chicago, IL
Milieu Chicago joins more than 100 Willow Bridge properties leveraging PrintWithMe
Milieu, a Willow Bridge high-rise property located in Chicago, is synonymous with luxury, offering gorgeous views over 19 stories, a coveted location, and an array of modern features to simplify life for residents including keyless fob entry, Nest thermostats, and the PrintWithMe printer amenity.
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International Village Apartments
International Village replaces two resident printers with PrintWithMe
International Village offers high-end, garden-style apartment homes on 20 acres of land. Built in 1968, these homes are well maintained with modern amenities and luxurious spaces. One of their most popular amenities is the clubhouse, where they have offered PrintWithMe since 2021.
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From Budget Woes to ROI & Retention Heroes: Dominating the 2024 Multifamily Budget Season
Are you ready to transform your budget challenges into triumphs? Join us for this power-packed session as top property management leaders dive into essential tools, strategies and hacks to help you conquer the 2024 budget season. Say goodbye to financial woes and hello to strong returns on investment and resident retention. Key Takeaways Get ready […]
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A couple shakes hand with a Property Manager committing to rent the apartment they just toured.
Delivering Impeccable Multifamily Services While Driving Down Costs
By strategically selecting and implementing the right smart amenities, property managers can maximize operational efficiency, cut costs, and elevate the living experience for residents. With a data-driven approach and a focus on meeting the needs and expectations of residents, smart amenities become a powerful tool in differentiating your property and standing out in a competitive multifamily market.
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Employees gathered around a table for a meeting in a coworking space
Webinar Recap: 2023 Trends in Multifamily Coworking Spaces
According to a report by Multi-Housing News, flexible coworking spaces are at the top of multifamily renters’ wish lists in 2023. And it’s no wonder – more renters than ever are working from home. In September 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 17.9% of Americans (27.6 million people) were primarily working from home – […]
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Community Printers: Today’s Hottest Multifamily Amenity? Learn Why from One Chicago Property
If you haven’t already heard, community printers are all the rage in multifamily right now. With recent mentions in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, forward-thinking property management professionals have turned their attention to this small amenity that is making a major impact on operational efficiencies, cost savings and resident satisfaction. How Chicago's […]
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Printer Week & The Power of Positive Printing
Printers are certainly getting their 15 minutes of fame. Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that a community printer is the unsung amenity that multifamily renters desire most. And today, in a nod to Shark Week, The Washington Post launched a week-long exposé of the infamous piece of office equipment, declaring, "No other […]
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Cosmopolitan Coworking in Chicago: Trends in Multifamily Spaces
As of May 2023, 11.9% of full-time employees in the United States were exclusively working from home. Another 29.4% were working in hybrid models.  Upwork estimates that by 2025, an estimated 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely, equivalent to roughly 22% of the workforce.  The numbers don’t lie. Remote work is here to stay.  […]
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Top 3 Takeaways for Multifamily Leaders from the 2023 ZRS Education & Discovery Conference
ZRS Management recently hosted their annual ZRS Education & Discovery Conference (ZED) in Hollywood, Florida. ZED was specifically designed to educate property managers, leasing professionals and the corporate team about the incredible difference technology can make in areas such as leasing, amenities and marketing.  Dozens of multifamily vendors, including WithMe, showcased tech-enabled amenities, products and […]
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